Give your social media writing some more love.

“Check your work” is something that’s been hammered into me starting with my math teacher in 4th grade or so.

You know what’s crazy? It wasn’t until my first professional job that a writer-boss told me one of the most basic tenets of human communication: read out loud what you have written before you finalize. Let yourself listen to the message, instead of just reading it. You’ll be amazed what you’ll pick up on.

This morning, a local community center posted on Facebook: “The pool will be closed from Friday through Sunday for our annual cleaning. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Give that a read out loud. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If you’re a little concerned about only a once-per-year cleaning of a pool that caters to a whole community of families, then yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking.

Now, I can assume (and I’m sure regulations ensure) the pool is cleaned routinely during months other than June, but that isn’t how this post reads. And, it isn’t how it sounds.

It’s a simple mistake, and it won’t cause any blowback other than some snickers. But, it’s also something that could be very simply avoided.

A social media post is still official communication. If you’re going to read over a memo or an email before you send it, give the same courtesy to your social media. After all, there are probably countless more eyes there than on that memo anyway.

Check your work. Read it out loud. Then post.

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