I connect you to the people you need—customers, partners, donors…you name ’em.

Your message is more than a description—it’s an invitation. Through brand strategy, communications planning, or storytelling and copywriting, I invite your audience to pay attention and take action.

How I help

Brand Strategy

Your brand is that space where you reside in the hearts and minds of your people. Brand strategy is where you want to be and how to get there. 

Your brand is your reputation, and the impression you leave on donors, customers, participants and other people who matter most to you. An authentic brand strategy, that resonates throughout your organization, is essential in engaging the people who matter most to you. 

I’ll work with you to understand who you are, who you’re perceived to be, and what impression you’d like to have 1.. 3.. 5 years down the line. I’ll find that space that is your’s and your’s only—and help you stake your claim.

Copywriting & Story Sharing

Short, punchy headlines…

Thoughtful storyboarding…

Clean and concise copy, finely tuned to your voice…

Whether you’re looking to turn your website into a magnet for the precise audience who matter most to you, spark conversation and share expertise through a blog, or evoke a particular emotion through engaging stories—your end goal is always the guide.

Let me help bring your message to life.

Communications Strategy & Planning

Are you facing a problem connecting with the people who matter, but you’re not sure how to fix it? Maybe you’re not even sure what the true problem is?

Or, do you have some new initiatives coming up that need to fit into your overall communications and marketing efforts, but you’re not quite sure how?

I help teams approach their communications and marketing more strategically—designed to achieve set goals and objectives. Communications teams are inundated with tactical requests—a new brochure, social media content, website updates and more. They often aren’t able to take a step back and ask “Why do we need this?” Or, “What is this designed to achieve?”

Let me equip you with a plan that takes a proactive approach to communications—keeping your team focused on the end goal. Elevate and take control of your communications—giving everyone in the organization greater clarity of how each piece contributes to the larger vision of success.

How I Engage

I work with clients in a variety of ways—sometimes on-going, sometimes for a single project. Here are some of the most common ways I have worked with clients:

  • Develop a unique and inspiring brand strategy that rallies that team around a central core purpose.
  • Direct marketing communications efforts for an organization on an interim or fractional basis.
  • Compose engaging and differentiating copy for a website.
  • Develop content to share your expertise while engaging visitors to your website or social media platforms.
  • Create a script (animated or in-person) that is clear, concise, and 100% aligned with your brand voice.
  • Produce a video that shares your story, highlights partnerships and delivers the precise impact that will lead people to take action.