Hi! I’m glad you’re here! I help organizations engage the people they need. Sometimes this is with a solid strategy – to guide a team as they advance their communications. I partner with organizations to develop: a clear brand strategy and messaging platform; an actionable communications plan; purposeful public relations; and to mentor junior staff.

On the execution side, I’m an extra set of hands for teams that are stretched too thin, or lack the internal skills for: copywriting; creating engaging newsletters; managing social media engagement; writing impactful stories; creating an annual report or other publications; managing digital marketing/automated campaigns and more. These are either on a monthly retainer or per project basis.

I’m a questioner, storysharer and strategic thinker obsessed with clarifying messaging for maximum (and purposeful) impact.

With more than ten years of experience with non-profits, multi-sector partnerships and healthcare organizations, including co-founding a volunteer-led fundraising organization, I deeply understand the importance of clear messaging and strategic communications planning, no matter the type of campaign. Questioning assumptions, I ensure every action has a purpose and messages are uniquely tailored to their intended audience.

I get jazzed about unleashing creative insights through thoughtful questioning. These insights lead to powerful and intentional stories in the form of presentations, blog posts, social media strategy, casual conversations…you name it.

And, it’s all designed to reinforce your brand strategy.

Personally, I’m a mom, partner, friend and family-devotee who values relationships above all else.

I love meeting interesting people.

Want to chat? Pick a time here or send me an email and I’ll give you a call.

You can learn more about my professional background here on LinkedIn.