Melissa Russom, Founder and Principal

Melissa Russom is a seasoned communications strategist and skilled writer who works with organizations to engage the people they need. This could mean designing a clear brand or messaging strategy, creating an engaging communications plan, or embedding right into the team to provide fractional communications leadership for a lean team.

With close to 15 years of experience with non-profits, multi-sector partnerships, and healthcare organizations, most recently as Director of Communications at Alliance for Better Health, Melissa has designed and executed various multimedia campaigns; developed communications objectives, metrics, and plans and aligned executives around their role in the plan’s success; written countless stories of impact, empowerment, need, or success; and strategized and executed content for websites, webinars, presentations, social media, scripts, and blogs.

She has a passion for clear messaging. The messaging that sticks. The messaging that reinforces what every other department is striving to accomplish, too. The messaging that doesn’t confuse.

In her role as a communications consultant, Melissa has worked with dozens of organizations of varying sizes and structures, from small nonprofits to population health partnerships, startup health tech companies, and consultancies for Fortune 500s and high growth companies.

Melissa earned her Masters Degree in International Conflict Analytics from the Brussels School of International Studies, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Providence College. She serves as the chair of the nonprofit committee for the United Way of the Greater Capital Region’s Women United group, is a member of the advocacy committee for the American Heart Association, New York State, and the communications and engagement committee for the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundations (SADS).

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